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The American Legion
Havelock Post 342
5721 Johanna Rd
Lincoln, NE 68507

The American Legion
Havelock Post 342
Lincoln, Nebraska

 Post 342 History
The Havelock Post 342 is Lincoln's Youngest American Legion Post. It was chartered December 12, 1975. The Post started with 33 members and has grown to 225 members. The Post has won many membership awards and All Time highs.

When the Post was started it used the DAV Building at 70th and Seward Streets, and now we use the VFW  131 Building at 5721 Johanna Rd., for our Post Home.

We have two fund raisers a year, to have funds to work on. We have a Steak Dinner in May and August

The Havelock Post does participate in the programs of The American Legion. These programs are good for our children, and they learn a lot from them. The Post has participated in the Jr. Law Cadet program from its beginning to the present.

Our Post meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month, at 7:30 P.M.. We have a lunch and fellowship afterwards with the Auxuliary.




Beginning in 1979 the Post and unit held Memorial Dar Services at the Fairview Cemetery for many years.

In the summer of 1989, the Havelock Legionnaire was started. It was the recipient of the NEALPA award in June 1994. We also were the recipient of the first place Al Weinberg plaque by the National American Legion Press Association in August 1995. The Havelock Legionnaire received the second place Al Weinberg plaque in August 1997 also. The Havelock Legionnaire is still published by-monthly.

Eligibility Dates for The American Legion

August 2, 1990-cessation of hostilities as determined by U.S. Government

         Dec. 20, 1989- Jan 31,1990  

         Aug  24, 1982- July 31, 1984

         Dec. 22, 1961- May 7, 1975

         June 25, 1950- Jan 31, 1955

The American Legion Auxiliary Unit 342

In March 1977 the Unit was presented their charter by the Department President Ruby Paul. The Unit started with 125 members and now have 129. We do have Junior members, who are girls Birth to 18, at 18 they become Senior members.

In 1979 the Unit presented The American Flag and Post Banner to the Post.

Starting in 1979 the Post and Unit participated in many Parades in the Havelock area for many years.

We participate and donate to many Auxiliary programs. These programs are Scholarship, Camp-A-Vet, Special Olympics, Children and Youth Fund, and Girls State which we sponsor a girl each year. And many more of the Auxiliary programs.

The Unit meets the same night as the Post.